BRC Global Standards Consultancy

We’ll keep it simple.

If you need the BRC Standard, we can help you.
If you need to improve your grade, we can help you.

We have experience of all the BRC Global Standards – Food, Packaging, Storage & Distribution and Consumer Goods.

We have an exceptional track record and success rate and we are well respected by the leading BRC Standard Certification Bodies.

We provide assistance based on our wealth of experience and knowledge of the BRC Standards and develop clear, concise and practical systems to meet the Standards.

We can provide gap analysis / pre-audits for any of the BRC Global Standards which includes detailed advice on actions required.

We have successfully taken to A grade status, companies with less than 10 employees as well as international companies. We have several companies with no non-conformities on their BRC audits – even to issue 6!

We can also provide all the necessary training required for the BRC Standards:

  • Food Hygiene Training – Level 1 – 4.
  • HACCP Training – Level 1 – 4.
  • Internal Audit training for BRC Standards.
  • Allergen training.
  • 5 Whys for BRC Standards.

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