About Us:

We are a well respected, multi-award winning family business specialising in food safety consultancy, developing food safety distance learning training courses and online e-learning food safety training courses.

We are commited to customer satisfaction and pride ourselves in the work we do in carrying out food safety consultancy and the delivery of high quality training.

Our clients range from small start-up businesses through to major international organisations.

We specialise in BRC Standard consultancy with a wide range of companies throughout the UK and on a Worldwide basis. We have an unrivalled track record in assisting companies achieve the BRC Food Standard, BRC Packaging Standard and BRC Storage & Distribution Standard. We also assist companies develop systems to meet the requirements of FSSC 22000 and ISO22000.

In 2002 we developed the Allsafe distance leaning courses and now have a range of book-based training courses including Food Safety, HACCP, Internal Audit, Allergens and H&S distance learning training courses, all of which are CPD certificated.

In 2012 we launched the ALLSAFE e-learning courses which includes Food Safety, HACCP, Internal Audit, 5 Whys for BRC Standards, Allergens and H&S e-learning training courses. This includes the Level 3 HACCP e-learning course. All our e-learning courses are CPD certificated.

We can provide the full range of food safety training and HACCP training courses on-site.

  • Level 1 – 4 food safety.
  • Level 1 – 4 HACCP.
  • Internal auditing and Allergen courses.
  • We are an approved RSPH training centre.
  • All courses are also CPD certificated.

We can develop bespoke food safety courses for your organisation.

For advice call us on: 01257 254999

email: info@food-safety.co.uk

The Advanced Food Safety Team:


Russell Parry FRSPH


Author of the ALLSAFE Publications
Principal consultant for BRC Food, Packaging and S&D Standards, FSSC 22000, ISO22000
Principal food hygiene & safety trainer
Registered RSPH trainer

Sharon Turton-Parry FRSPH


ALLSAFE ® Branded Product Sales and customer liaison

Registered RSPH trainer