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Useful Food Safety Guidlelines

The Food Law Guide

The Food Law Guide details all food legislation together with details of associated EU legislation and links to any guidelines which are available. This is an excellent way to keep up to date with legislation and guidelines especially for you BRC certificated companies.

The FSA will be updating this document every 3 months.

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The Bribery Act

The new UK Bribery Act that came into effect on 1st July 2011 makes top management liable to be prosecuted if they fail to prevent bribery within their organisation.

Click here for the Bribery Act compliance checklist and free demo of our Allsafe UK Bribery Act eLearning course

BRC Packaging Standard Issue 4 review article

This review of the new BRC Packaging Standard (Issue 4) has been produced by NSF-CMi

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Consumer Attitudes Survey

The Food Standards Agency 'Consumer Attitudes Survey' has just been published.

This includes public food safety concerns & hygiene awareness issues.

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Download our free Food Hygiene Training Review Questionnaire - see if you comply to industry and accreditation standards?

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Shelf life of ready to eat food in relation to L. monocytogenes

This free Guidance publication published by CFA and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) is for food businesses of all sizes to determine the shelf life of ready to eat foods

It is designed to help businesses calculate an accurate time period for people to eat food and minimise the risk of illness. It is also designed to help firms meet EU microbiology rules – especially Regulation (EC) No. 2073/2005 which sets limits on micro-organisms, such as Listeria, in food.

Click Here for pdf


Food Safety Act Guide

This new guide to the Food Safety Act takes account of all the relevant legislative amendments since the publication of the previous guide.

Click HERE for pdf


Meat Guideline

This Guide to Food Hygiene & Other Regulations for the UK Meat Industry ‘or ‘Meat Industry Guide’ (‘MIG’) is relevant to those UK food businesses that slaughter animals for human consumption, dress carcases, cut or process meat (see table), particularly those establishments that are subject to approval and veterinary control. Click HERE for pdf


Food Handlers Fitness to Work

The Food Standards Agency is seeking views on updated guidance on food handlers' fitness to work. Click HERE for a pdf of the new guideline.

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